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60 inch-D DVK Shaker Standard Partical box Vanity
DVK Discount Price = $299.00

Discount Vancouver Kitchen (DVK) - 60 inch-D DVK Shaker Standard  Partical box Vanity <br>DVK Discount Price = $299.00
Brand New in DVK Box, unopened.

Smooth, rich, and ultra modern DVK shaker style with unbeatable price.

This DVK bathroom vanity is extremely durable, resistant to water and moisture, and with an ease of cleaning never before seen.

Style: DVK Frameless Full Overlay, Ultra-modern Shaker Style
Door: Flawless, 3/4" MDF with High Gloss PU paint
Box: Matching Interior, 5/8" Particle Board
Hinges: Soft Closing, 4-way Adjustable Concealed Metal Hinges
Drawers: Durable Metal Side Drawer, Side Mounted Epoxy Coated Slides
Advantage: Silky-Smooth, Long-lasting, easy-to Clean surface
Dimensions: 31.5" H x 21" D, widths vary

Double doors single sink vanity available in 24", 27", 30", 33" and 36" width, you can further enhance the look and feel of your bathroom by adding an optional 3-drawer floor cabinet (available in 12", 15", 18" width)

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