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The 10' x 10' DVK© & Industry Standard Kitchen

DVK staff has been asked this question countless times; what is a 10' x 10' kitchen?
The short answer is that it is an "L" shaped kitchen that is 10' x 10' and is used as the industry standard to tell you how much cabinets would cost to fill a kitchen that is 10'x10'.
10'x10' kitchens rarely exist in real life, so don't worry if your kitchen is different, you can still estimate what it would cost using these 10'x10' prices, and DVK designers could help you to design and estimate your kitchen cabinet cost.
A 10'x10' kitchen is the standard unit of measure that the kitchen industry has decided to use in order to have a common pricing structure to compare “apples to apples”.
The industry standard “Sample Kitchen” is based on a 10' x 10' footprint. This footprint is a convenient place to start when setting a budget or selecting basic cabinetry. This floor plan is meant for comparison purposes only. Your finished kitchen layout, of course, will be different, and tailored to your specific requirements and kitchen dimensions. Bring your kitchen dimensions to one of DVK showrooms, and we’ll turn it into a complete floor plan for FREE!
The 10' x 10' DVK & Industry Standard Kitchen

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