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DVK Range Hoods

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KIR004-36" - DVK Discount Price = $499.00

Discount Vancouver Kitchen (DVK) - KIR004-36
3 speeds more reliable than electronic mechanical double switches
Radio Frequency Interference Protected
One way valve to prevent from back air
High density aluminum 6 layers micro-cell dishwasher friendly grease filter
Certification: ETL ( CSA approved equivalent )
Condition: Brand new in boxes, ready for installation
Warranty: One yesr parts.


Weight: 75lbs
Mounting: Island style
Material: Premium grade 304 stainless steel with tempered safety glass
Voltage:110V - 240V/50Hz/60Hz
Rotation method:One Motor, Two Fans
Rated motor input power:170W
Rated input power:210W
Suction capacity: 560CFM
Wind pressure:160Pa
Outlet diameter:150MM
Lighting Power: 2 x 25W

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