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KAR2116 - DVK Discount Price = $39.00

Discount Vancouver Kitchen (DVK) - KAR2116 - DVK Discount Price  = $39.00
This is a pure hand crafted stainless steel bottom rack set for a single bowl kitchen bar sink. Good for 21" x 16" sink bowl. Hand welding, hand polishing... It's good protection of the sink bottom to avoid scratches!
For Kitchen Sink Model
KUS2318 & KUD3318C & KTS2421

Premium grade stainless steel
Brushed satin
Dimension: 20 3/4" x 15 3/4". Hole center to the rare side of sink is 4"
Good for both zero radius and small radius kitchen sinks
Condition: Brand new in boxes
Warranty -- A new unit will be replaced within One (1) year
What you get:

One 21 inch stainless steel bottom grid KAG2116

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