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14-Absolute Charcoal Maple - DVK Discount Price for 10'X10' Kitchen = $1899.00

Discount Vancouver Kitchen (DVK) - 14-Absolute Charcoal Maple - DVK Discount Price for 10'X10' Kitchen = $1899.00


- Wood: Maple;
- Color: Charcoal- Slighty Shiny Finish;
- Door Style: Full Overlay; Square w/Bevel around recessed center panel;
- Door/Drawer Fronts: 3/4" Solid Wood with plywood center panel;
- Cabinet Frame: ~ 3/4" Solid Wood - matches door/drawer color.
- Drawers: 5/8" plywood, Screw connector; color matching exterior.
- Cabinet Box: 1/2" 7 ply Plywood; Metal "Cam-lock" connections.
- Shelves: 5/8" Cabinet Grade Plywood with vinyl wrap;
- Interior: Color Matching Vinyl Veneer wrap;
- Sides: Exposed sides have Color Matching Vinyl Veneer-1/4" skins recommended
- Hardware: Doors-Concealed 6 way Adjustable Hinges (Soft close optional);
- Hardware: Drawer Glides - Side mount, Full-Extension, Soft Closing (for Vanity)
We also offer a wide range vanities to meet your needs.
Solid Maple Wood - Classic Recess Style Door and Drawer - Plywood Cabinet Box

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